3D Surround Sound on an iPhone?

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Published: 09th May 2011
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Are you tired of the mediocre sound output from your iPhone that doesn’t really count for anything and definitely doesn’t create the music experience you need? Well, some people who were on the same page as you came up with this awesome application that boosts sound performance and enables 3D output for iPhone! What is it called? 3D Music Player! What is so great about it? Technology. Bringing audio post processing technology on to your iPod or iPhone, 3D Music Player helps your device overcome its audio limitations and recreates the experience originally intended by the song in your play list when it hit the charts.

What does it do? The iPhone application enhances your iPhone sound output to meet your 3D surround sound requirements. You can get a 3D stereo output from your iPhone and you can use the advanced equalizer to set the tunes to your moods. Classical or Jazz, Pop, R&B, Full Treble or Full Bass, you can choose from the various presets to suit your music and suit your moods. This research based application has combined the most advanced sound technologies in a handsome application that fits into your pockets. However, do not forget to experiment once you have the 3D Music Player in your iPhone or iPod.

What else can it do? Good question. If an application can enhance the sound output in a simple iPhone, there must be more to it. Damn right there is. The surprises of 3D Music Player do not end with the iPhone. Remember the times when you connected your iPhone or iPod to the sound system at a social event because your playlist was in there? Well, you can do it a thousand times better if you have this application in your iPhone or iPod. Entertain, that is. The "On STAGE" Control mode in the 3D Music Player allows you to entertain the audience in the concert hall, auditorium or stadium with a natural acoustic environment. The best part is the surround sound effects that you can deliver right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod on to a podium of hundreds of people, with the 3D effects and everything. The application also has a SPEED/PITCH control mode that lets you play your songs with a twist!

The best and my most favorite part is of course, the combination of the 3D Music Player and my dock! You can connect your iPhone or iPod to your docking system—which most of us do—and transfer the special effects created by this application on to the output of the dock! Not all of us have expensive speakers that come in with the features required for 3D experience, but with this application, you need not invest in a pair at all. Well, what can we say? Go Pro!

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